My name is Frankie and I live close to the sea in a small town in west Cork, Ireland. I paint in my studio at the bottom of the garden surrounded by birds and trees, usually with one of my three border collies, lying at my feet.

I paint for the joy of discovery and I see each painting as an adventure in colour...

I play with paint before I begin a painting, experimenting with colour mixing. I don’t make precise, orderly colour charts or follow the rules of colour theory. I do just enough to get an idea of what kind of colours I can expect from the paints I have selected.


Painting as an intuitive process...

 I let whatever is present at the time lead the way, trusting the process and my own experience of painting to figure it out as I go.

I don’t plan anything beyond colour and I never sketch out the composition because it would feel restrictive. I just let the painting unfold and enjoy the process.

The music I am listening to, a book on my table, a bird landing on the feeder, a flower in the garden, memories and feelings... these things weave their way into my paintings but not in a literal way.

I hope that as a result the birds and flowers I paint mean something different to everyone.

Thank you for visiting my website,

Frankie x